"So Your Relationship Ended, Now What…"
3 Ways to Turn Your Pain Into Purpose After a Traumatic Relationship


In This Masterclass



Detox from The Heartbreak

 Separate your thoughts and emotions from the toxicity & heartbreak of the relationship. 


Uncover the "You" that was Lost in the Relationship

Uncover the person you were before the toxic relationship by tapping into wisdom, vision and energy. 


The Stories We Tell Ourselves That Dictate Our Lives.

Looking deep into our belief systems and what we gain from
the stories we tell ourselves.


Every Ending Brings a New Beginning, Let's Make it The One We Want!

How to Honor life’s endings, and preparing for something new. Every ending means a new beginning, but if we don't do the work on the relationship with self we will attract more of the same.


Cultivate a Strong Relationship with Self

Cultivate a strong relationship with yourself; becoming self aware, confident and at peace through a proven roadmap.

"Talking with 2 women who have once stood where I am standing makes all the difference. They truly understand and can relate. The tools and practices I have learned I use every single day. The clearings we practice around trauma have made the biggest difference in the way I am healing. I have a new found self confidence I didn't have when i started this journey."


"Finding The Relationship Recovery was an answer to many prayers. Before starting with them I had zero self worth and horrible self image, which mostly came from an unfaithful ex husband. Tiffany and Kierstyn brought me clarity about things I never saw in my marriage. They have had helped me see the lies I tell myself and given me the skill to clear these thoughts from my mind. I end every session feeling like I have had an "awakening" with them. The tools and information I get from them each week has helped me progress so quickly in my journey to becoming who I want to be. I will be forever thankful to the both of them."


Do you have a broken heart? Do you feel like you have no clue what to do with the pain? or How you got there in the first place? 

  • Are you struggling to process what has happened to you and why it happened to you?
  • Do you feel like everyones happiness comes before you?
  • Do you struggle to trust your judgement in new relationships?
  • Do you feel alone and like no one understands?
  • Do you know how to show up for yourself?
  • Are you unsure how to move on?

    This masterclass is for you! We will give you tools to implement immediately, and give you a way to continue on your healing journey all while turning your pain into purpose. 

A Note From Kierstyn & Tiffany...

We have been where you are. We have been through heartbreak and relationship trauma, and come out the other side stronger and better.

We have guided thousands in our community, one-on-one coaching, two-on-one coaching, group coaching using our proven 3 tier method to achieve TRUE, LASTING healing and change. 

The Relationship Recovery helps individuals who have been in toxic relationships and need help building skills so they can thrive in new and healthy relationships.

We know you can achieve true recovery from heart break, divorce, narcissistic abuse, and other relationship trauma by pouring into yourself and repairing your relationship with self. 

It is possible to break free of the cycle of abuse and trauma that often includes: gaslighting, co-dependency, trauma bonds, lack of boundaries, and self-sabotage, to name a few.

The specific way to achieve recovery is through learning the foundations of healing, clearing your trauma, and moving on to a better way of life.

Your pain doesn't have to be for nothing.  It can become your purpose. It can be used as a catalyst to the life you desire. This is done with the willingness and realization that you have to fix the relationship with YOU first.

Our process is a proven recovery formula. It's changed our lives, and it's changed our clients lives, and we KNOW it'll change yours. You just have to take the next step by registering below...