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Is Your Relationship Making You Feel Crazy? 4 Tools to Identify & Heal From Gaslighting

Is Your Relationship Making You Feel Crazy?


  • If you are questioning your own sanity in your relationship

  • You find yourself google searching things about gaslighting & manipulation

  • You've left a toxic relationship and struggling to recover

  • You feel like your relationship might be abusive 

  • You have a low self-esteem after or during your  current relationship

  • Your family member, romantic partner, friend, or work associate is manipulating you and you're not sure what to do about it.

  • Your relationship feels chaotic and confusing

What People Are Saying:

I honestly can't imagine where I would be in this journey without the relationship recovery. I look forward to every session I have. I know i will take something from it to keep me movIng in the right direction. Talking with 2 women who have once stood where i am standing makes all the difference. They truly understand and can relate. The tools and practices I have learned I use every single day. The clearings we practice around trauma have made the biggest difference in the way i am healing. I have a new found self confidence i didn't have when i started this journey. To have those A-HA moments in a session that bring so much clarity to situations. Making the choice to see a coach is scary and I am so grateful I choose to take that leap for myself."

Carly A.

"Tiffany and Kierstyn brought me clarity about things I never saw in my marriage. They have had helped me see the lies I tell myself and given me the skill to clear these thoughts from my mind. I end every session feeling like I have had an "awakening" with them. The tools and information I get from them each week has helped me progress so quickly in my journey to becoming who I want to be. I will be forever thankful to the both of them."

Shontel P.

"The Relationship Recovery is a company created by two selfless woman who not only have lifted me up when I had trouble doing so myself, but have touched multitudes of people in need. I have witnessed this first hand they support wonderful causes and give back as well. You can be a part of a community they have cultivated if you choose to put the work in. Even make new friends as have I. I could write a laundry list of what they have helped me with."