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The Breakup Recovery Course 3 Payments

Here’s what you’re getting when you enroll today:

The Breakup Recovery Course will Help You will go from feeling stuck, broken, and alone to feeling empowered, at peace, and able to trust yourself again.

Foundations of Healing

In order to heal we must have a solid foundation to rely on.  During your healing process you will walk through difficult moments, and without identifying what's motivating you to heal and establishing healing habits it's easy to fall back into old trends and continue the cycle of relationship trauma.

Module #1 Foundations of Healing

  • Writing your Mantra/Mission Statement
  • Clearing your Mental Clutter *Making space for healing. 
  • Anchoring into Your Motivating Factor
  • Finding your energy by removing the things that drain your energy
  • Your day is a marathon
  • How to find and add energy activities into your day.

Module #2 Self Sabotage & Boundaries 

  • How to Set Boundaries
  • Holding & Honoring Your Boundaries
  • What is self-sabotage
  • How sabotage can get in the way of healing 
  • Six common reasons we self-sabotage 
  • Solutions for self-sabotage

Clearing The Trauma

In this section we will process the painful things that have happened to you so you can heal from those experiences. We will rely on the foundations of healing to fall back on as we clear the relationship trauma left behind. 

The order we do this in is crucial to creating lasting change and healing.  

Module #3 Awareness & Knowledge

  • Codependency 
  • Trauma Bonds
  • Narcissistic Abuse Cycle
  • Gaslighting and more…
  • Wheel of Control and Power

Module #4 Grief Cycle 

  • Denial
  • Anger
  • Bargaining
  • Depression
  • Acceptance

Module #5 Belief Systems

  • Breaking down the stories we tell ourselves 
  • How to write the stories that we tell ourselves
  • Re-writing the stories, we tell ourselves
  • Journaling Exercise

Module #6 Clearing Trauma

  • Intro to Clearing the Trauma
  • Reprocessing our stories exercise
  • Fully recorded clearing process
  • A tool for spiraling thoughts
  • The Container Exercise
  • Breathing Exercise

Moving Forward 

After completing Foundations of Healing & Clearing the Trauma you are ready to create the life you dream of, and start living in the present. This tier will elevate you to break the trauma cycle, and live the life you desire.

Module #7 Reclaiming Your Power

  • The Power of a Morning Routine
  • The Power of Time Management
  • The Power of Gratitude
  •  The Layers of Why & Mile Markers to Keep You Moving Forward 
  • Goal setting for moving forward on your healing journey
  • Life’s Snapshot and Roadmap for moving forward


Bonus #1: The Gaslighting Recovery Workbook

Bonus #2: The Narcissist Survival Guide

Bonus #3: The Intention Setting Guide

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